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Gaited Mountain Horses at Mountain Magic Ranch

Welcome to Montana’s Mountain Magic Ranch where we breed, raise, train and sell two exquisite breeds of gaited Mountain Horses – the Rocky Mountain Horse and the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse. The ranch has been under new management for almost 4 years now. We have a new group of incredibly talented trainers and we are thrilled about the success our new program!

Mountain Magic Ranch is located 30 miles west of Bozeman, Montana in the heart of the majestic Madison River Valley.  Our extraordinary horses are raised on rough terrain in the often impetuous Montana elements, resulting in sure-footed, extremely vigorous animals.  They are handled and trained in a consistent effort to build trust, respect and confidence – facilitating and complementing their naturally friendly dispositions, and gentle, willing attitudes.

Rocky Mountain Horses, affectionately referred to as “Rockies”, and Kentucky Mountain Horses, are naturally gaited horses.  This means, in addition to the same basic gaits demonstrated by non-gaited breeds, such as the walk, trot, canter and gallop, gaited horses also possess a natural, inherited ability to perform an even, four-beat gait.  This incredibly smooth, ambling gait creates a motion for the rider that is more forward and backward, rather than up and down like non-gaited breeds.  For this reason, gaited horses are often chosen by riders who have physical ailments such as arthritis or neck, back or knee pain or those riders who are just tired of getting bounced around.

The gaited horse is also exceptionally efficient within the gait itself as the horse moves with minimal ground clearance as well as minimal knee and hock action.  This enables the horse to conserve energy and travel long distances without tiring – an attribute widely desired in the sport of endurance riding, where gaited horses have shown increased popularity.  In fact, one of our very own horses raised here at Mountain Magic Ranch has completed 3 Tevis Cup Races!

Gaited Mountain Horses are extremely versatile and shine in many disciplines.  Horses from Mountain Magic Ranch have excelled in the show ring, in field trials, in ranching and cattle work, and most especially, on the trail.  These smooth riding gaited horses frequently appear in American Trail Horse Competitions across the nation.

You don’t have to compete to find out why Gaited Mountain Horses are the ultimate trail horse, family horse and partner – all you have to do is ride one!  Their smart, enthusiastic, kind demeanor, their smooth, easy going gait, their calm, respectful attitude and their quiet faithful friendship makes them the ultimate equine companion and friend.

Here at Mountain Magic Ranch we specialize in partnering people with horses, from the first introductions all the way to the delivery to your property.  Please email, call or schedule a visit with us today!