Kentucky Mountain Horse Association

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association was formed in 1989 by Junior Robinson who had been involved with the formation of the Rocky Mountain Horse Association. Mr. Robinson wanted to create an association where horses that were under 14.2 hands tall that possessed a true four-beat gait could be registered alongside their taller counterparts. There are many similarities between the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association and the Rocky Mountain Horse Association, but there are also a few key differences.

  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses at maturity can be shorter than 14 hands and taller than 16 hands. The rules of registry state that at maturity a horse must stand 14 hands or above in order to qualify for a Class A registration and 11 hands to 13.3 hands for Class B registration. There is no upper height limit.
  • Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses may have more white on their bodies. The rules of registry state that any solid body color is acceptable with white markings being limited to the face, the legs and an area on the belly that is behind the breast bone and under the ends of the rib cage not to exceed 36 square inches.
  • To be certified with the Kentucky Horse Association, horses must demonstrate a natural four-beat gait under saddle. Any four-beat gait is acceptable while the Rocky Mountain Horse Association specifies that the gait must be four-beat with a cadence of equal rhythm.

The registration books for the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association are still open. Horses that meet the requirements of the breed may be registered and certified.

For more information about Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, visit the official website.

Information taken from the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Association website.

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