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Fairwind’s Rimington West

Blue Roan Rocky Mountain Stallion - Rimington West
Rimington West
Blue Roan Stallion

RMHA #970074, KMSHA #20010291

With his unique blue roan color, “Rimington” is easily distinguished from the rest. Standing at 16 hands tall, he is built to go the distance.  Rimington’s career in the show ring won him many blue ribbons in the trail and classic

categories.  Every one of Rimington’s babies are a surprise to us in color.  He throws 50% roan, a beautiful and very unique color within the Rocky Mountain breed.  He has proven himself to throw willing temperaments and a smooth, forward gait – excellent examples being Remington East and Thief In The Night.  Rimington is sired by CR Top Gun by Choco Dock and out of I’m A Fancy Dawn.


Last Of The Mohicans

Red Chocolate Stallion - Son of Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown
Last of the Mohicans
Red Chocolate Son of Kilburn’s Chocolate Sundown

RMHA #1998005197, KMSHA #200111148

“Mohican” is named as such because he was one of the last offspring sired by perhaps one of the greatest of the five sons of Tobe – Kilburn’s Chocolate Sundown.  The late, great Al Prewitt was quoted as saying that Kilburn’s Chocolate Sundown was the best all around Rocky produced by Tobe.  Mohican’s dam is Yankee’s Lady, by Yankee, also by Tobe.  His breeding gives him the distinction of being Mountain Magic Ranch’s stallion with the highest percentage of Tobe.  Standing at 15.2 hands tall, he is a stunning red chocolate, heterozygous for the red factor (Ee) with a shoulder length white mane and thick flowing tail.  He is a dream Rocky, with an even, classic gait and a disposition that is playful, but kind and intelligent.


Something Special

Something Special - Rocky Mountain Stallion
Something Special
Creamy Chocolate Son of Maple’s Squirrel

RMHA #1998004751, KMSHA #200111147

“Special” is indeed something special. His coat is very unique, golden chocolate in color.  With soft, unusual amber colored eyes and standing 15.3 hands tall, he is gentle, extremely smooth and has ample bone.  Special is heterozygous for the red factor (Ee), and the cream gene (N/Cr) throwing it in the form of magnificent palominos and buckskins.  He has also given us beautiful chocolates and creamy chocolates, with his signature light eyes and long, thick flowing mane and tail.  He was sired by Maple’s Squirrel, by Tobe, and is out of the mare Dulcy, by Choco, by Kilburn’s Chocolate Sundown, also by Tobe.

*Also available for sale.


Squirrel Too

Black Son of Maple’s Squirrel

RMHA #970150, KMSHA #20010898, MPHA #970180

If you are looking for a stallion with a natural barefoot park action, this is the one to look at. “Squirrel” was the 2001 KMSHA World Champion Park Horse and the 2003 FL KMSHA Open Grand Champion.  He is a true black stallion and stands 15.1 hands tall.  Sired by Maple’s Squirrel by Tobe, and out of Dot-o-White by Choco Dock, he adds beauty, natural gait and exceptional disposition to all his offspring.  Squirrel is also heterozygous for the red factor gene (E/e).  Squirrel Too’s sire, Maple’s Squirrel, one of the 5 famous sons of Tobe, got his name because “he could climb a mountain like a squirrel goin’ up a tree.”


Dust In The Wind

Dust in the Wind - Chocolate Rocky Mountain Stallion
Dust in the Wind
Chocolate Stallion

RMHA #910167, KMSHA #200408237, MPHA #910098

“Dusty” is Mountain Magic Ranch’s signature stallion with a beautiful deep, chocolate coat and a thick, beautiful white mane and tail.  He is even tempered, naturally gaited, and gorgeous.  Standing at 15.3 hands, sired by Jock, Son of Yankee, by Tobe and out of a Woolsey’s Rocky Mare.  On a ranch in South Dakota, Dusty was accidentally born through a barbed wire fence.  Many of his chest muscles were badly damaged, so the vet said he should be put down.  Dusty’s owners couldn’t bear the thought, so instead they nursed him back to health.  Dusty came to Mountain Magic Ranch as a two year old and has gone on to sire winning get throughout the Rocky Mountain Horse industry.


MMR’s Barlow Medicine Man

Chocolate Rocky Mountain Stallion - Barlow Medicine Man
Barlow Medicine Man
Chocolate Stallion

RMHA# 2006014160

“Barlow” is another striking dark chocolate stallion with a bright white mane and tail.  He is a very sweet guy and magnificent in color and confirmation. Out of the incredible Barlow Chief, by Nuncio, by Kilburn’s Chocolate

Sundown, by Tobe and a mare named Grandview’s Brandy, by Grandview’s Candy Man, by Sam Clemon’s Tim, by Tobe; his bloodlines are terrific.  He throws great color, superb confirmation and a gentle, willing

temperament to all his offspring. He is a very strong asset to our breeding operation.

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