Ranch Operations

Band of young Rocky Mountain Horses at Mountain Magic RanchAll facets of our operation are centered around creating healthy, respectful, confident horses. The ranch encompasses hundreds of acres, including open rolling hills, rocky mountainous terrain, irrigated farmed pastures and dry lot. The program includes daily maintenance of fresh clean water, grass hay feeding twice daily when not grazing, and free choice block form supplements. All vaccinations are given annually, rotational de-worming is performed three times a year and general hoof care is provided in house and professionally for approximately 60 horses.

We produce our own grass hay for feeding when the herd cannot be maintained in our native grass lands or farmed pasture areas. Mountain Magic Ranch utilizes two large irrigated pivots of about 150 acres each generating excellent quality grass and some alfalfa hay. This insures a well fed, healthy herd throughout the Montana winter.

Our breeding philosophy can be described as implementing sound reproduction practices based on education and moral responsibility to produce and promote the best quality Rocky Mountain and/or Kentucky Mountain horses we can. We select for traits within the sire and dam that when combined, will strengthen the qualities we feel are most important for a good minded, well conformed, exceptionally gaited, versatile horse – a horse the Rocky Mountain Horse Association officially defines as “having a medium height, a broad chest, an ambling four-beat gait, a gentle temperament, and a solid body color”.

Rocky Mountain filly and coltAll of our horses are introduced at a young age to a vast array of rough terrain and weather conditions while being maintained on the ranch. We do not keep our horses in stalls or large barns, however we do have this available as needed for sick or injured animals. The horses generally spend the majority of their early years navigating steep, rocky ground, open acres of rolling high dessert prairie, sidestepping rattlesnakes, badger holes, and fending off natural predators. We feel this aids tremendously in the mental and physical development and conditioning for excellent overall health and performance later in life.

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