The Herd at Mountain Magic Ranch

It all began so innocently with a weekend stop over at Al Prewitt’s in Kentucky on the way to a meeting in Washington, D.C. Things were prepped to visit with him, ride this unique breed of horses, and ask him to donate one or two of his many gentle horses to Horsepower, a Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship program in Castle Rock, Colorado. For those who knew Al, this is no surprise, but when the weekend was over Richard and Mary had purchased four mares in foal to begin a herd in Colorado. Al was a convincing salesman – he said, “I’ve got some horses all saddled up, let’s go for a ride.” After that experience it was impossible to leave without some. And yes, he did donate a horse to a therapeutic riding program…but one in Kentucky.

Early one morning in April, 1993, the trailer rolled into Castle Rock with Margaret, Al’s prize chocolate/flaxen mare, Kudjo, a light chocolate mare, and Whisper, a big red mare. The fourth mare, without notice to Richard or Mary, had been replaced by Al who thought a stallion was needed if this was going to be a breeding operation. So off came a drop dead gorgeous black stallion, High Rebel, so gentle that 5 year old children and 85 year old adults with a kid’s heart rode him regularly.

Four months later two “foundation” mares, a stallion, Jock Jr., and a young stallion prospect were added. The stallion prospect, Dust in The Wind, became the signature stallion of Mountain Magic Ranch. He sired many offspring in Colorado before moving to Montana, won countless awards in show, and stole the hearts of everyone who rode him, and there were many.

Colorado and Montana were a long way from the “center” of activity for this breed at the time, which was Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina. That could have posed a problem in breeding in a short time, since artificial insemination was not yet widely used and Kentucky was a long drive just so horses could have a serious date every spring. Hence the second dream, (the first one is set out in Richard and Mary’s bios) Mountain Magic Ranch would create its own genetic pool and begin by acquiring breeding stallions and broodmares from each of the five son’s of the recognized founding stallion in the breed, TOBE.

It was a six year monumental task researching and acquiring a direct offspring from Maple’s Squirrel, Sewell’s Sam, Kilburn’s Chocolate Sundown, Clemon’s Tim, and Yankee, but it was done. A tremendous amount of credit for that and for matching the breeding stallions to the ideal mares goes to Patricia Huemoller, former Director of Operations. For years Patricia continued to study the breed and she and Richard refined the herd, the breeding stock, and the horses for sale. Breeding matches were always prioritized on temperament, then gait, then color as the goal was happy future owners who would experience the dominant traits of this “Boy Scout” breed of horse – trustworthy, loyal, helpful , friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty (they are easy keepers), brave, clean, and reverent.


At last count, Mountain Magic Ranch has 60+/- horses: five breeding stallions – Rimington West, Last of the Mohicans, Squirrel Too, Something Special and MMR’s Barlow Medicine Man,  20+ broodmares (no, they are not all going to be named here), and a great selection of breeding stock and riding horses for sale. Look further on this site, or COME AND SEE WHICH ONE PICKS YOU AS THE NEXT FORTUNATE OWNER!

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